Cock and Ball Bondage

4 Inch Beaded Black Silicone Cum Thru Penis Plug with Ring

Super flexible and soft silicone penis plug with a pull-out ring and a beaded hollow chamber to cum through. Packaging, Aluminium Foil Bag..


4 Inch Black Silicone Penis Plug

4 Inch thin needle-like penis plug made from soft flexible silicone. Packaging, Aluminium Foil Bag..


6 Inch Beaded Silicone Cum Thru Penis Plug with Ring

Ultra-thin but beaded penis plug with a cum-through hollow shaft and a ring at the top for removal. Packaging, Aluminium Foil Bag..


6 Inch Black Silicone Beaded Penis Sound Plug

Long thin beaded penis plug or penis sound. Designed in soft flexible silicone for ultimate comfort. Packaging, Aluminium Foil Bag..


This vibrating urethral sound has amazing potential. It is devious enough in its intended purpose, creating some intense urethral sensations..


Make your sub beg with the heavy steel Ball Press Chamber. Secure the removable ring around their scrotum, then place their balls into the h..


Cadence Vibrating Silicone Urethral Sound

The pulse and rhythm of this premium vibrating sound will certainly send him over the edge time and time again. Made of premium silicone so ..


Chastity Penis Lock Curved With Urethral Tube

High-quality stainless steel urethral stretcher penis lock with urethral stretcher and cockring. The cockring had a diameter of 50 mm and ca..


Penis plug with stopper and a stimulating shape for daily use. Cone-shaped, silver-colored, and hollow penis plug with stopper ball and a ve..


Donut Stainless Steel Ballstretcher 3cm

1.45-inches (inside) diameter ball stretcher which and opens and closes to easily fit around the scrotum locked by the hex-key provided. It ..


Donut Stainless Steel Ballstretcher 4cm

1.45 inches inside diameter ball stretcher which and opens and closes to easily fit around the scrotum locked by the hex key provided. It ad..


Hegar 8 Inch Urethral Sounds

The Hegar Sound Set is a urethral dilator sound set with a full set of 8 sounds. Each sound has a different sized end, thus the set offers s..


Ergonomic cocksling with teardrop-shaped 3 ring design. It's a sling but each ring stretches independently, each ring is also shaped to fit...


Get extremely kinky with this penis or ball crusher, for the lovers of CBT alone or with a partner. Loops provided for ball weights for adde..


The Mortal Coil sound Master Series is made of brushed stainless steel and is designed to increase pleasure. Progressive swells allow for ad..


Unique hourglass shape grip tighter int he middle where you want it most when stretching, but with a soft grip. The ends are thicker won't d..


Allows for urinating and ejaculating while wearing it!Hollow dilator with stopper ball and glans ring. The flexible material and Soft-Touch ..


Prowler RED SoundingFeaturing a unique rippled design, the Prowler Red Sounding Plug will deliver intense stimulation as it is inserted into..


Rimba Bondage Play Ribbed Urethral Stick

This urethral stick has stimulating ridges that the user will feel while inserting the urethral stick, which will ensure an intense orgasm. ..


Rimba Bondage Play Small Urethral Plug

This urethral plug is polished smooth and easy to insert for an even more intense orgasm. The total length of the plug is 45 mm and the widt..


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