Vibrating Strap Ons

Alias Female Strap On Vibrating Dong

Multi-speed dial controls with adjustable elastic harness. Thick veiny shaped penis...


The Betty's Jelly Bumble Bee is the ultimate super-soft strap on cock. Orgasm as nature intended, with the lifelike dildo. This is a strap-o..


Crystal Jelly Power Cock Strap On Vibrating Dildo

Strap-on Excitement for Men & Women!* A firm fully erect shaft, constructed out of a durable jelly material, provides deep and erotic pleasu..


Realistically designed for use by men that seek a quality strap on penis. The Deluxe Vibro Erection Assist is gently curved and textured for..


Just strap it on and have fun!A black strap-on vibrator with a large external vibrator and a small internal vibrator. The large external vib..


For exciting sensations when worn and for randy role playing, give and take the vibrating pleasure you want from each other. Double vibrator..


Strapon and go for a seriously exciting ride, with this Multi-Speed Hollow Vibrating Strap-On, a product that opens up new avenues for both ..


Joyride Pink Duo Double Penis Vibrating Dildo Strap On

Specially designed for the girls that love to simultaneously receive penetration whilst giving penetration we have the superb Joyride Duo Do..


Realistic Hollow Strap On With Vibrator

This adjustable comfortable strap has multi-speed functions and a hollow dong...


Perfect for thrusting, lesbian pleasure or pegging with him! Strap-on harness with a removable vibrator RC Vibrating Strap-On from YouToys.T..


Trying out pegging!This strap-on vibrator is a thin shape and fits securely, which means that it is perfect for pegging beginners. The remov..


Toy Joy Pink Powergirl Strap On Vibrating Dong

Be more of a man than he will ever be and more of a woman then he can ever dream of with this vibrating strap on dong.Soft front and rear pa..


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